Yakima Convention Center, July 11 – 13, 2024

Here you will find the Square Dance Callers, Round Dance Cuers, and Clogging Instructors / Cuers that will be on the stage at the festival. this is a list that will grow over the next months, so please keep checking back!!!!

Square Dance Callers

Glenn Raiha

Calls thru Plus

I started calling in 1977. I called for the 22 years Nancy and I were in the U.S. Army (22 years). Today I teach an call at Lac-A-Do Hall in Olympia WA. I occasionally travel to call dances in different parts of Washington. I am a member of Callerlab since 1977 and serve on the Basic Mainstream Committee. My favorite activity as a caller is teaching people how to dance. I am this years Caller Coordinator, so if you have any complaints about the program please let me know.

Gary Baker

Calls Basic & Mainstream

Gary began dancing in Spokane in 1975 and began calling in Eagle River, AK in 1993. Gary is the club caller/teacher for the Model T Squares in Spokane and also teaches in CDA, ID. He travels to call throughout east and central WA, north ID, and west MT. Gary and wife Tami enjoy RV traveling to dance & play with their 2 grandsons.

David Boggs

Calls Basic & Mainstream

David is a 25 year veteran of calling square dances and 50 years of dancing. He primarily calls in Central Washington. David currently call for the Tri-city Circulators and the Huron Squares of Alpina Michigan (Via Zoom). He makes regular appearances at the Yakima Gateswingers and the Cascade Twirlers, as well as teaching for the Prairie Shufflers.

Leo Catt

Calls thru Plus

Leo started dancing at a young age with the Sociable Squares and the Sumner Stompers in the 70’s and 80’s. Leo’s first calling experience was doing a singing call in front of Hank Johnson as a class joke. He started learning to call in years later and joined Callerlab in 2005. Leo is proud to be the founder of 2 clubs: Swingnuts (Sumner, WA) and Crazy 8’s (Ramona, CA).  He is the current club caller for the Jetsteppers (Maple Valley, WA). 

Leo frequently teaches and calls Basic thru Plus for clubs around Seattle, Olympia area and sometimes in Oregon.  He loves spending time with his wife Rochelle and his 2 dogs Molly and Blackberry (BB). Be sure to stop and say hello!!

Adam Christman

Calls thru Advanced

Adam has been around square and round dancing all his life. He has been calling for 28 years in 3 different countries and several states around the country. Currently, Adam resides in Spokane, WA with his wife, Samantha, and 4 beautiful children.

Larry Clark

Calls thru Plus

Larry Became a Caller in 2008, primarily he teaches and calls for the Prairie Shufflers in Kennewick, Washington. He has called at State Festivals and the Spokane National.

Tom Clymer

Calls thru Plus

Tom started calling in 1975. He calls and teaches Mainstream for the Appleland Promenaders and the The Plus Bunch. Tom has been a Callerlab member since the 1980’s. Tom and his Wife are the current Parker Award recipients.

Scott Coon

Calls thru Plus

Scott calls for Dudes & Dolls (Lynnwood, WA) and guest calls for clubs in the Puget Sound area. Scott began calling as a teen at PNTSDF and then regularly in 2004. Scott met his wife, Darcy, square-dancing as teens and they’ve enjoyed it ever since. Scott also performs as Elvis in tribute shows and Elvis themed dances.

Andy Garboden

Calls thru Plus

Andy started calling in 2006. He currently calls for for the Pi-R Squares (Mainstream) MVPs (Maple Valley Plus). So far, Andy has called in 13 states. Andy enjoys dancing with his wife, Tricia and occasionally calls with his daughter, Tiffany Richard.

Oren Gaskill

Calls Basic & Mainstream

Oren began Calling in 2003 after attending Cascade Callers College. He is the Associate Caller for Rainbow Squares in Mt Baker Council, Oren has called at several State Festivals and National Conventions in addition to taking leadership roles in Clubs, Councils, and State and National Committees.

Paul Gonseth

Calls thru Plus

Paul Teaches and Calls in the Yakima area. He has been calling since 2015 and teaching square dancers since 2016 for the Blue Agates and Gateswingers.

Dave Harry

Calls Basic & Mainstream

Dave has been calling since age 13. He teaches square dancing in the schools around the Puget Sound area, the Whirlybirds in Lynnwood, and Skagit Squares. He and his wife Bonnie are widely known for their dance shop–Petticoat Junction, for occasional live music performances, and monthly no-experience dances–the First Friday Funfest at Whirlybirds. He is a Callerlab member and has his 50-year recognition certificate. Dave has a never-ending passion for square dancing!

Melissa James

Calls Basic & Mainstream

Melissa James began calling in June of 2019 after attending her first calling school with Jerry Story. She calls around Oregon and Washington doing guest tips and dances. Melissa also teaches line dancing and has been apart of several festivals for lines and squares. Melissa is attending her third State Festival this year.

Brett Kappenman

Calls thru Plus

Brett has been calling for 38 years and has served as President and Treasurer of several clubs since he started dancing.  He currently serves as the President of Central Puget Sound Council, Treasurer of Northwest Callers and Corresponding Secretary for the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington.  He has been the sound chairperson for 5 Washington State Square and Folk Dance Federation Festivals including Redmond, Enumclaw, Everett, Puyallup and most recently Suquamish. He will once again serve as sound chairperson for the 2024 Washington Washington State Square and Folk Dance Federation Festival to be held in Yakima Washington.

Rob Krum

Calls thru Plus

Rob has been married for 54 years and is retired. He has 2 children and 4 grandchildren

Rob lives in the Spokane area and has been calling for 33 years including 3 mainstream clubs Monday – Wednesday with a plus group on Mondays.

Bill Lundin

Calls Basic and Mainstream

Bill, Linda and family learned to square dance in Spokane in 1980. Bill started calling with the Dixie Chain Gang a youth club in the Spokane Valley. We have lived and Bill has been a Club Caller for many Adult and Youth Clubs in Washington. It is amazing to see the benefits of our activity to the dancers and their communities.

Brent Mawdsley

Calls thru Plus

Steve Mazel

Calls thru Plus

I have been calling for 10 years and call for both the Gig Harbor twirlers (Ghorst) and Young bunch, (Tacoma WA). Call through plus, have recorded five songs with R&D Recording and TOTL Recording.

Stephen Noseck

Calls thru Advanced

Steve has called dances for over 45 years. He calls all dance programs. Steve is the 2021 Parker Award Recipient and leads dance vacations around the PNW and Canada. Steve is married to his beautiful Leslie, and has a fantastic dog, Bella.

Lee Rawls

Calls thru Challenge (C1)

Lee and his wife, Shanthala are relatively new to square dancing. Both of them now dance, and routinely calls, thru the Challenge (C1) program. Lee and Shanthala They have happily incorporate dancing in their lives. You will find them calling and teaching square dancing whenever possible.

Robert Sax

Calls Basic & Mainstream

Robert has square danced for 50 years and finally picked up a microphone in 2019. I am currently the club caller/teacher for Fern Bluff Squares in Lake Stevens, Washington

Daron Tandberg

Calls thru Plus

Daron has been square dancing for 52 years and calling 27 years and called club programs for the Wagon Wheelers (Yakima), Blue Agates (Ellensburg) and Gateswingers (Yakima). He has attended and called at numerous state, USA West, and National Conventions over the years since being a caller.

Greg Weber

Calls thru Plus

Greg and Sue Weber have been a featured Caller / Cuer team at numerous local, council, state, regional, national and international dances, cruises, and festivals. Greg has been involved with every Washington state festival since 1975 and six national conventions. Sue and Greg are avid supporters of the area teen clubs which participate in the Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival.

Round Dance Cuers

Daniel Bailey

Ph II Thru VI

Dan cues for the star shooters and wag-arounds Clubs. He is a member of the Spokane Callers and Cuer Association, Round A-Lab & ICBDA and has served in various Club capacities most recently as the Washington State Cuer coordinator. Dan and Wife, Linda, teach rounds through IV. We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s State Festival.

Sharon Boggs


Sharon has been a Round Dance Cuer for 17 years. She currently cues for the Tri-city Circulators. Sharon has also made appearances at two national conventions, one USA West and many other events.

Rochelle Catt

Ph II Thru V

Rochelle started Cuing rounds in 2013. She Currently cues for the Jetsteppers in Maple Valley, DosiDo’s in Olympia and several other clubs. Rochelle is the current Cuer Coordinator for the Yakima convention and will continue in 2025

Shawn Cavness

Ph II Thru VI

Shawn and Wendy Cavness are from Auburn Washington. They have been married for 30 years and they have been dancing since they were teenagers. Besides teaching in both Olympia and Bremerton, they Cue for the Sweetheart Rounds in Bremerton, Round-A-Bouts in Olympia, Sky Valley Whirlwinds Square dance club in Mill Creek and Dudes and Dolls Square dance club in Lynnwood.

Alyshia Main


2022 Alyshia completed round lessons. In October of 2023 her mentor, Karen Neverdowski, started introducing her to the idea of cueing and assisting with lessons. Alyshia began cueing in January of 2024. With the guidance and leadership from her mentor, she has been assisting with teaching and cueing for the Or-bets Round Dance Club. Although she is new to cueing, she has a passion for dancing, and for people. She is a member of Roundalab and is excited to be part of the dance community.

Katie Marteny


Katie competed in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square And Round Dance festival by cueing rounds and calling square dances. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she attends college and has filled in at many clubs for dances that they have needed

Mary Parsons

Ph II thru V

Mary began cueing in 2003 working with Ron Woolcock. Her first club was the Salty Sasheyers in Shelton, Washington. Mary and her husband Scott moved to Anchorage, Alaska for five years where they cued and taught rounds. Mary and Scott Currently cue and teach at Lac-A-Do Hall in Olympia for the Roundabouts, Flutterwheels, and Square One Plus Club.

Joe Scarlatella

Ph II thru IV

Joe has been square dancing and round dancing since he was a teenager, and started helping his sister teach rounds back in 1973. He started cueing and teaching in 2009 in Southern California. He and his wife (and teaching partner) Monica have recently relocated to Western Washington and are looking forward to many joyful years with our new dance communities.

Sue Weber

Ph II thru IV

A Native of Spokane, WA. Sue began cueing in 1987. She relocated to Tacoma, WA in 1991 and started dating her future husband Greg Weber, who was calling and cueing for several clubs at the time. She then took on the cueing role for those clubs. Greg and Sue were married in 1998, and have two beautiful daughters, ages 23 and 20. Sue currently cues for four clubs in the Rainier Council (Spinners, Bonnie Lads & Lassies, Young Bunch and Roamin’ Tacomans).

Ronald Woolcock

Ph II thru VI

Ron and Georgine Woolcock started dancing in 1986 in Spokane Washington and moved to Olympia Washington. They began cueing in 1996 and teaching in 1997. They are currently retired from cueing and teaching for local clubs (Lazy Daisy, Grand Squares, Flutterwheels, Roundabouts, Salty Shashayers) but have been spending their winter in Pharr Texas where they teach and cue.

Ron and Georgine Woolcock started dancing in 1986 in Spokane Washington and moved to Olympia Washington. They began cueing in 1996 and teaching in 1997. They are currently retired from cueing and teaching for local clubs (Lazy Daisy, Grand Squares, Flutterwheels, Roundabouts, Salty Shashayers) but have been spending their winter in Pharr, Texas where they teach and cue.

Clogging Instructors and Cuers

Taj Alex

I started cueing in 2023 so we could start a local clogging group in Kent.  Clippity-Clop Gloggers dances on Wed evenings at the Meridian Grange, 6 PM for easy-level up to easy-intermediate.  I’m fortunate enough to have Diane Jacbosen as a mentor. She helps us with intermediate dances starting around 8 some nights. 

I’m excited to learn more and build my knowledge and am thankful for all the support I’ve received from other cuers and dancers!

Come see us!

Mary Dart

Mary Dart has been clogging 41 years and teaching 34. She teaches for the Tanglefoot Cloggers in Olympia, Washington. Mary has also been the President, Vice President, and Historian of the PNW Clogging Association. Mary has been and continues to be the Clogging Chair for the State festivals and hopefully will continue in that role. Mary has also been involved on the national level for many years, including being tapped for the Spokane Festival that was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.

Mike McDow

Mike McDow has been Clogging 42 years and teaching 40 years. Mike hails from the Portland area and is now retired and teach in Arizona during the winter. Mike also dances, teaches, and cues with the local Northwest with local Northwest cloggers.

Mary Gasteiger

Mary began clogging in 1991 with her daughter and began teaching in 1993 under the mentorship of LaVon Thorp. She currently teaches in Southern California at two locations, San Marcos and Murrieta. She has been known to do routines which require all steps to be done with a right AND a left foot lead… and then for our final dance through to be contra just for laughs. She teaches for the love of people and the activity.