Location: Suquamish, WA 98392,USA


“Many Hands Make Light Work”

The volunteers below are giving their time, energy and effort to bring you the best state festival possible.  Would you like to join our team? Look at the openings and let us know where you would like to help out!

Tom & Judy Corning

General Manager and Treasurer, Program Book, Publicity & Promotions, Ways & Means Coordinator  

Steve and Leslie Noseck

Caller Coordinator, Grand March, Pageant Entertainment, Program Book, Publicity & Promotions, Trail-In Dance

Karen Neverdowski

Round Dance Coordinator, Program Book

Gary and Jan Faulds

Facilities and Secretary, Facebook

George & Sharon Broom


Sherry & Larry Long


Vance & Sharon Morrison

Badge Dances

Brett Kappenman

Sound Coordinator

Rem Remington

Sound Coordinator

Chris and Tonia Hubbell

Teen Coordinator

Paula Sykes


Steve and Letricia Hatch

Web Support

Melody Scalzo

Solo Coordinator

Sammi & Dave Fredenburg

Sewing Coordinator

Doug Keyes

Program Book, Vendor Coordinator

We Need You!!!

Contact Judy Corning or Stephen Noseck to volunteer!